Fully scalable marketing services to get you reliable leads, boost your bottom line, and bring in more repeat customers

no matter what the hell the economy's doing.

You don't need to be a marketing genius, my friends...

You have me.

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Kinda like having a conversion rate optimization expert, head of marketing, and master of persuasion rolled into one...

Get the brain-based edge over your competition with the only solo marketer who understands how the human brain makes buying decisions and knows how to implement those insights so you get more leads, close more sales, and retain more customers.

Why spend time, money, and tears working with multiple marketing experts who might be able to provide research, strategy, or implementation when you can get a marketing expert who delivers all three?

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The Persuasion Audit

Any aspect of your business you want — offers, funnels, sales, marketing, even your online influence — will go head-to-head against a set of 200+ data points to uncover exactly what's working (or not).

Each of my 5 audits can shine a powerful light on the most mission-critical elements needing attention to get you meeting those too-scary-to-say-them-out-loud goals.

VIP Week

Your marketing efforts aren't working & now you need support to fix it and move forward on your own — which is where I come in.

I'll take a look at your metrics and crunch some numbers, create some testing scenarios you can run, and build a clear and dynamic marketing roadmap.

Fractional Head of Marketing

Your marketing's important, sure, but you've probably got a lot of other things going on in your business that need your attention. Do you really want to be stuck optimizing & implementing a comprehensive persuasion strategy on your own?

How 'bout you sit back and relax, while I research, analyze the data, create the strategy, and get that ish implemented for you.

"My website now conveys the compassion I use in my work."

Jacinda was able to grab onto my voice and run with it — you'd almost think that she was part of the mental health industry herself! She was able to create a website for my therapy practice that meets my clients where they are and inspires trust with them that I'm the therapist they're looking for.

- Erica Harmon, LCSW

What do you get when you combine psychology, strategy, and implementation?

Hey there! I’m Jacinda Santora, the first-ever persuasion-powered solo marketer to combine high-level strategy, hands-on implementation, and neuromarketing principles.

My goal? To triple your existing conversions in 90 days or less.

I've heard folks say you have to go to a consultant for strategy, a copywriter for copy, a launch strategist for launches, a lead gen expert for lead generation — but I do it all!

That's right! I'm the first solo marketer to combine marketing psychology, strategy creation, and strategy implementation into a one-stop-shop to help businesses bring in more leads, close more sales, and retain more customers.

But, what's that mean for you?

Well, without me, it means you're paying at least two marketing experts — one for research and strategy, another to actually implement the plan (all while hoping the person doing the implementing knows enough about strategy to understand what's going on).

That just... doesn't make sense. 🥴

My unique approach has helped businesses from a wide range of industries increase profits with marketing built around how the human brain makes buying decisions.

And it works like you've made a deal with Saint Homobonus (he's the patron saint of business people). My clients have seen an average increase of 20% in leads, 30% in close rates, and 50% in customer retention rates.

What makes my approach so special? It's simple, really: I do it all.

When you work with me, you're working with a marketing psychology and persuasion expert who handles the research, the strategy, and executes it beautifully — and I know how to get results.


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