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"Our new website is amazing!"

Jacinda recently redesigned our website to bring it into this century. The website really highlights the mission, vision, and values of the chorus and positions CHARIS as the pillar of the community that it has been since our beginning in the early 90s.

- CHARIS Board Member, CHARIS Chorus

"My website now conveys the compassion I use in my work."

Jacinda was able to grab onto my voice and run with it — you'd almost think that she was part of the mental health industry herself! She was able to create a website for my therapy practice that meets my clients where they are and inspires trust with them that I'm the therapist they're looking for.

- Erica, Erica Harmon LCSW

"I'm so grateful to be working with her!"

Jacinda is an ideal partner. She is nimble to respond, careful with her time and writes in a fluid, conversational style - one you never have to go back and fix. I'm so grateful to be working with her!

- Kelsey Roseth, Kero Creative

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