There's a huge gap between getting a strategy built for you and being able to effectively implement it. Sitting squarely in that gap is me.

I fill that gap to build and implement a strategy that will:

  • Act as a siren song for the audience you need to attract

  • Pied-Piper-of-Hamelin their asses to a sale

  • Keep them crooning Ed Sheeran whenever they think about your brand

Get the brain-based edge over your competition.

In my 10+ years of marketing experience, I've seen a lot. Some good, a lot of bad, but mostly just meh. Mediocrity abounds in the realm of marketing...

....Dull, lifeless ads that couldn't even give away tickets to Hamilton

....Tactics that would have felt at home during the Industrial Revolution

....Discounts which seem to exist with the sole purpose to eat into your margins

All of it based on a strategy written for who? Certainly not you and your audience. Most of what's out there could be for any business, any audience, any product.

I decided it was time for something different. Namely, bespoke marketing based on proven persuasion tactics that make your unique audience sit up and say, "God, yes, gimme gimme!"

You deserve better than a marketing strategy based on everything except your business, your audience, and your product. And so do the people trying to find you — your products & services, your unique way of solving their problems — in a bottomless ocean of options. And that's where I come in.

Am I the only solo marketer worth the price of admission? Probably not. I mean, there are lots of great marketers right in my own network. But I'm the first-ever persuasion-powered solo marketer that combines high-level strategy, hands-on implementation, and neuromarketing principles. And that means, instead of leaving you to put that stuff to work on your own (or find — and pay — another marketing expert to do it for you), I do it all.

With me, you get everything you need for marketing that will send your metrics into orbit. I've been called a "Swiss Army knife" of marketing, a "one-stop-shop," and a "master-of-all."

So... Are you ready to get the brain-based edge over your competition and see real results from your marketing efforts?


introducing the MindShift Marketing Framework™

If you're like most business owners, you're tired of the same-old, same-old marketing advice. The kind that doesn't work (or works just enough to keep you solvent) and just leaves you feeling more frustrated than before.

Here's the thing:

If you're frustrated about your marketing, your customers and potential customers are too.

You need expertise and skill to move the needle for your business. Expertise and skill based on psychology and research, not assumptions or guesswork.

And you need someone who can help you implement it all yourself without requiring a Ph.D. in cognitive science. That someone is me.

How I get you to your business goals

Get the brain-based edge over your competition with the only solo marketer who understands how the human brain makes buying decisions and knows how to implement those insights so you get more leads, close more sales, and retain more customers.

Why spend time, money, and tears working with multiple marketing experts who might be able to provide research, strategy, or implementation when you can get a marketing expert who delivers all three?

My 8-Step process for

creating & implementing your

best marketing strategy

  • Needs assessment: Deep dive into your current marketing strategy & identify areas for improvement that align with your goals.

  • Get to know your customers: Research & gather data on behaviors, preferences, and values to gain insight into the psychological drivers influencing customer decision-making.

  • Develop your strategy: Leverage the insights gathered in the assessment to develop a plan that targets the right customers, with the right message, at the right time.

  • Establish a strong brand identity: Identify key brand characteristics that differentiate your company from competitors and communicate them effectively to customers.

  • Develop creative: Utilize psychological triggers & proven persuasion techniques to influence how your customers interact with your brand.

  • Execute the plan: Utilize the appropriate channels for distributing the message, including digital and traditional media.

  • Monitor and measure: Monitor engagement, traffic, lead generation, sales, and more to make adjustments and improvements, ensuring your strategies are achieving the desired results.

  • Refine the plan: Re-evaluate the plan and make adjustments as needed based on metrics.

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